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Mother of Four, Dr. Gena Gray Connects with Her OB/GYN Patients

Healthy moms and babies with less stress are focus of Oklahoma native

Dr Gena Gray

When searching for the best OB/GYN, patients will find both excellent training and a doctor they can relate to in Dr. Gena Gray at OB/GYN Specialists of Tulsa. A native Oklahoman who grew up in Stilwell, Dr. Gray has 25 years of private practice experience in the OB/GYN field. During those years, she continued to work full time while pregnant with each of her four children, giving her a strong connection to her pregnant patients.

“I thrive on building a good rapport with my patients,” said Dr. Gray, who delivers at St. John Medical Center. “I have the ability to relate to those who are working as well as those who are not working or are at home taking care of small children.”

Growing up in Stilwell gave her a firm foundation in the importance of family and that often scary first step people take as they move from young couple to parenthood. Her own experience with the challenges and blessings of building a family helps her connect with her patients in a relaxed way. Dr. Gray wears as a badge of honor her reputation as a “laid back” physician.

“I take that as a compliment because I want the patient to feel comfortable with their care,” she said. “I recognize issues that need to be taken seriously, but if there is no need to worry, I don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on the patient.”

“I recognize issues that need to be taken seriously, but if there is no need to worry, I don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on the patient.”

Pregnancy can be stressful enough, she continued.

“Complications do arise and need to be dealt with,” Dr. Gray said. “While the patient needs to understand the serious nature of these issues, she doesn’t need to worry excessively.”

With Dr. Gray, a patient can expect excellent prenatal care that includes ultrasounds as deemed necessary and prenatal genetic testing for patients who want it. Postpartum care helps with transition from pregnancy to life with an infant at home.

A graduate of Northeastern State University, Dr. Gray attended the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine before undertaking her residency at Baylor College of Medicine. She is married to Dr. Paul Gehring, another physician at OB/GYN Specialists of Tulsa. As a family, they enjoy traveling, fly fishing, and spending time outdoors.

“I also enjoy time with my children as they enter into adulthood and develop their own career paths,” she said.

Her patients’ families stay foremost in her mind as well.

“A doctor’s role is to guide a patient through pregnancy and the birth process with the goal of having a healthy mom and a healthy baby,” she said. “As a physician, I am trained to deal with all issues that may arise and to help the patient to navigate through the process with this common goal.”

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